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Working in the adult industry


There are many different ways to work in the adult industry and it is important to ensure you are working in a way that is comfortable and most appropriate for you.

Working in a flat with other escorts for example can be a very different experience to working independently. All ways of working will have pros and cons depending on your specific needs, so make an appointment with one of our team to confidentially discuss your situation.

We would advise all escorts to consider the following:

  • Your instincts are your best friends. Trust them.
  • Research a new flat/agency thoroughly.
  • Try and talk to other workers in the agency/flat.
  • Ensure you know exactly what the deal is - what percentage goes to the house/agency?
  • If you are working for an agency, do you have your own driver who will wait while you are with a client, or do you share the driver with other escorts?
  • Check what security measures are in place in a flat - do they have cameras? Do they allow more than one client into the flat at any one time?
  • How do you feel about the flat environment? Is it somewhere you would feel comfortable spending a lot of time?
  • Whether working for a flat or an agency, ensure that the maid or the agency are clear about what services you offer and what services you do not. Be sure to notify them should this change.
  • Check that an agency is a company by looking for them in the directory at Companies House
  • Call an agency during the night time, this is when most successful agencies are likely to be busy, if there is an answerphone message it may suggest the agency is not open and they are illegitimate.
  • Agencies that request a registration fee before you have seen a client are often illegitimate.

We have many more suggestions, so please do arrange an appointment to talk with a SWISH member if you have any queries.

Last review: 25/09/2014

Next review: 25/09/2017